5 December 2013

Liverpool's Winter Wonderland

Christmas shopping is a nightmare, Christmas shopping with kids is enough to send me into a psychotic state.  And, as every right thinking parent knows, the best way to get the little blighters to stop moaning/kicking off is to dangle a treat over their heads in exchange for a bit of peace.  Liverpool One has thought of this.  Oh yes, only this level of genius can come from my home city.

Up on Chavasse Park, they have built a little winter wonderland to not only pacify the sproglets, but there is also something for us harassed parents to enjoy.  Yes there is a Santa's Grotto, but at Liverpool One there is also a Santa's Workshop which has loads of crafty activities, a very nice touch.  The kids can make their own Christmas stocking courtesy of the Button Boutique or decorate a cupcake, most of which will thankfully be eaten before they thrust their crumbling efforts into your hand to hold.

Now onto the ice rinks.  There is a smaller one for the smaller people and the adult one.  I have to own up, I didn't have a go.  Owning a centre of gravity that sits somewhere on my forehead, this was always going to be a non starter.  However, Liverpool One, if you are listening, if there was a little penguin I could have clung onto  like you provide for the kids, then I might have have chanced it.

What's in this for the adults? I hear you asking.  Well you could pretend you are in Scandinavia and pop along to the Ice Bar for a cocktail.  Made entirely out of ice, you can sup whilst wearing the thoughtfully provided thermal cape.  Wear it, it is freezing, it is an ice bar remember, this is no time for worrying about showing your frock off.  You do have to book to go so I would suggest you pop up and do this before you do your shopping.

As well as the above delights, there is an Apres Bar for drinks and snacks and loads of other activities.  The only problem you are going to have is persuading the kids (or your mate) to go home.

I haven't mentioned Liverpool One very much on this blog, not sure why, because it has in a very short time become an intrinsic part of Liverpool life.  Choc a block with the usual high street names, it also has to coin that old cliche, something for everyone.  For me I can swoon away in Whistles and The Kooples and my beloved John Lewis, whilst others prefer Pretty Green and the Doc Martin shop.  Oh and don't forget, Harvey Nicks have done another pop up shop for food, you can all buy my presents from there.  It is a bit of a fashion mecca, which covers all tastes and prices points, as well as hosting some niche and local brands such as Utility.

It's not just shopping at Liverpool One.  It has quite a few nice restaurants and bars.  you could do like I did and pop along to Jamies Italian for some porchetta, or La Lunya for tapas.  Basically whatever you fancy, you can get it here from posh burgers to sushi.

And finally, one thing you probably don't know about Liverpool One.  The Liverpool One Foundation, which provides support for good causes in and around our fair city, for the following three themes:  The prevention and relief of poverty, education and skills and social and community advancement.  They can provide funding with grants ranging from £500 to over £5000.  I like a bit of feelgood.

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Superb write up, i will defo take time to visit.